1st December, 2014. David A. Roberts

Probabilistic language modelling with hierarchical bayesian nonparametrics

10th November, 2014.  Rohan Shah

Modelling segregation distortion in multi-parent crosses”, joint work with Colin R. Cavanagh and B. Emma Huang.

27th October, 2014. Professor David Levin (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)

Between moving least-squares and moving least- ℓ1

13th October, 2014. Julia Kuhn

Exploration vs. exploitation with partially observable Gaussian autoregressive arms

29th September, 2014. Thomas Erben

Behaviour of maximum of Cramer-Lundberg random walks

22nd September, 2014.  Phil Pollett

A result of John Kingman on compartmental models

15th September, 2014. Leonardo Rojas-Nandayapa

Scaling and cycling

Ideas about scaling limits of birth and death processes, and I will show some results in cyclically varying birth and death processes.

8th September, 2014.  Ross McVinish

In a recent paper, Neal (2014) proposed approximating an SIS epidemic in the endemic equilibrium by a subcritical branching process with immigration. I will discuss some initial thoughts on applying this type of approximation to other contexts.

26th August, 2014. Yoni Nazarathy

A bit on the M/G/inf queue and generalizations

18th August, 2014. Daniel Gibbons

The Laplace transform of the Frechet distribution.

11th August, 2014. Wangyue Xie

Extreme Value Theory is the Fisher-Tippett-Gnedenko theorem.

4th August, 2014.  Joe Lane

The Australian Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (IELab).