International Workshop on  Monte Carlo Methods for Spatial Stochastic Systems 

21-23 July 2015, Brisbane, Australia


The analysis of spatial data is of interest to many disciplines, including earth sciences, materials design, astronomy, robotics movement, and urban planning, to name but a few.  Monte Carlo methods play an important role in the understanding of spatial stochastic systems, both from probabilistic and statistical points of view.

The purpose of this international workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners in spatial stochastic systems, with the aim of advancing the theory and application of Monte Carlo techniques for such systems.

Keynote speakers will be Gareth Roberts (University of Warwick, UK) and Adrian Baddeley (University of Western Australia).

We solicit talks on Monte Carlo techniques for spatial processes, including the following list of topics.

* Efficient algorithms for spatial process generation, including:

– Spatial point processes
– Random fields
– Random tessellations

* Statistical inference of spatial data
* Rare events for spatial structures
* Random geometric graphs
* Randomized optimization for spatial structures
* Stereology and stochastic geometry
* Spatial models in statistical mechanics
* Particle methods

Applications of spatial processes are also sought, both on a micro and macro scale.

* Cell biology
* Traffic systems
* Climate patterns
* Astronomy
* Materials design
* Mining


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